Caffè Toscano

The Caffè Toscano brand offers five blends that have stood for quality for more than half a century. The blends are also fully compatible with Nespresso®, Lavazza a Modo Mio® and Dolce Gusto®.


We have created an exclusive brand that transforms the simple act of drinking coffee into a unique and youthful experience, combining the pleasure of taste with the magic of music.


Segni d’Arte is our exclusive brand dedicated to lovers of quality coffee. Arabica and robust species selected in the best plantations from different cultivations around the world. A line composed of superior quality blends that give unique sensory experiences.


Segni d'Arte Glicine Capsule

Wisteria is a distinctly feminine color, as is this decidedly full-bodied but almost entirely acid-free blend.

It comes from a blend of Arabica species coffees from the cultivations of the Brazilian region of Minas Gerais, recognized worldwide as one of the best production areas, and robusta species from the highland cultivations of Ethiopia where the variety and mineral richness of the soils give the fruit unique flavor nuances and an in-cup flavor with perfectly balanced persistence and body.

The robustas give a full, clean and enveloping body without hiding the essential notes of the arabics for a high level result inspired by the spirituality, purity and intuitiveness of the women.

The perceived aroma is that of chocolate with a slight aftertaste of caramel.







A feminine color that enhances the acid-free nature of the blend. It blossoms into an acid-free, pure flavor with an aftertaste of caramel, flowers and chocolate.

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