Caffè Toscano

The Caffè Toscano brand offers five blends that have stood for quality for more than half a century. The blends are also fully compatible with Nespresso®, Lavazza a Modo Mio® and Dolce Gusto®.


We have created an exclusive brand that transforms the simple act of drinking coffee into a unique and youthful experience, combining the pleasure of taste with the magic of music.


Segni d’Arte is our exclusive brand dedicated to lovers of quality coffee. Arabica and robust species selected in the best plantations from different cultivations around the world. A line composed of superior quality blends that give unique sensory experiences.

Caffè Toscano
A long family history

Livorno, 1951. The story of Caffè Toscano began in this city and during that year. Since Bruno Stefanini gave life to one of the first coffee roasting companies of Tuscany. Under the brand Stefanini, it became more and more popular as years went by and it develop into a point of reference for coffee lovers and not only…

A tradition that is becoming increasingly popular and rooted in the territory was handed on to the future generations along with passion for this activity. In 2003, after more than half a century, Riccardo Grillo and his brother Andrea descendents of Bruno, revolutionized the company: the Grillo Brothers created the Caffè Toscano brand (that gives the company its name).

A revolution that is the product of years of studying, working and having insights on market trends. A revolution that was possible thanks to many investments, the desire to grow and the company’s efforts. Whose goal has always been to assure the quality of its products by keeping up with the times and trying to jump the gun through continuous innovations.

Today Caffè Toscano has many target customers because it’s reliable and trustworthy on several selling markets: from the domestic to the professional one, including the restaurant business and the vending sector.


“Times have changed and technology has made great strikes, but we keep working with the same passion and dedication just as my grandfather used to do when he started off.”

This brave choice gave life to Four brands: Caffè Toscano, Segni d’Arte, Esprexo and Ichnusa. Thanks to their versatility, these brands have a presence on multiple marketplaces: from the domestic to the professional one, including the restaurant business.


A change of venue and a big investment were necessary to support the development and to accomodate the new production in a suitable place, equipped with new areas and larger surfaces. This process of renewal operates in an environmentally friendly way.

Indeed there have been many ecological initiatives taken by Caffè Toscano, starting from the photovoltaic system which is able to cover the whole needs of the company, through the “RE- CYCLE” project, designed in terms of environmental protection. This project has been presented in 2019 but will reach its fullest potential in 2020, a year dedicated to the recycling of used capsules.

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All blends are designed with great attention and passion. They also present two fundamental principles, the ones on which the company and everything that revolves around it is built: quality and constancy.

The foundation of everything is COFFEE, of course.